Baghdad Without a Map

This wild and comic tale of Middle East misadventure is "a very funny and insightful look at the world's most combustible region. Fearlessness is a valuable quality in a travel writer, and Mr. Horwitz seems as intrepid as they come." —The New York Times Book Review.

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"One of the timeliest, most comic and most oddly endearing travel books to come out of the Middle East in years.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“As a document of the cultural impasse that brought on the war, this is unsurpassed.”

Village Voice

“Witty, on-target, exciting, funny, and informative.”

—Kirkus Reviews

High-spirited and entertaining."

The New Yorker

“A timely and incisive insider’s description of the mysterious Arab world. Tony Horwitz is an ideal guide for American readers.”

Chicago Tribune

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